Setting Languages for Data Load into the Business Analytics Warehouse

Oracle BI Applications supports data loads in multiple languages. You specify the languages for data loads in Configuration Manager.


PSFT and JDE customers must also configure the LANGUAGE_BASE_OLTP variable before executing the Domain-Only load plan. This is the base language of the PeopleSoft or JD Edwards OLTP and not necessarily the BI Apps base language. The LANGUAGE_BASE_OLTP variable does not apply to any other source system.
  1. Log in to Configuration Manager as a user with the Oracle BI Applications Administrator duty role.
  2. Select the Manage Warehouse Languages link to display the Manage Warehouse Languages page.
  3. In the Manage Business Analytics Warehouse Languages tab, specify the languages from which data is to be extracted from the list of languages displayed in the table by selecting Yes from the Installed menu.

    Note that American English is the default installed language. All other languages are disabled.


    When you specify a language as being Installed, the Data Load Parameter LANGUAGE_LIST is populated internally with the list of selected languages. This parameter list is used during data extraction to extract data in the selected languages.

  4. Click Save to save your changes.