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Customizing Your Web Pages

You can substitute your company logo for the default Oracle logo and add any customary background colors you use. The following steps explain how to set up and customize your Oracle Self-Service Web Applications pages.

Step 1. Customize the user interface with your company logo.

You can replace the default Oracle logo with your own corporate logo. Your logo will then appear on every page.

Step 2. Customize the background color on your pages.

You may also replace the background on every page with your own choice of background color and texture.

Step 3. Customize your Universal Desktop home page.

The Universal Desktop home page consists of two frames, each referencing its own HTML documents. You may customize any of these frames as follows:

Left frame

Edit the file

. You can replace the existing news items and links and/or add new items.

Right frame

Edit the file

. You can replace the existing icons or links or add new ones.

Step 4. Linking features to your home page

You can provide a login prompt on your own home page and access Oracle Self-Service Web Applications using the following URL:

http://<host:port>/<DCD name>/owa/OracleApps.DisplayLogin

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