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Payables Open Interface Import Troubleshooting

There are two types of errors that you may experience while trying to import invoices: incorrect data or program failure.

Incorrect Data

The Payables Open Interface Report lists invoices that were not imported correctly. If there is a problem at the invoice level, the invoice is rejected without further validation. Examples of these fatal errors are:

If the invoice level information is correct, Payables will validate all values at the line level, and the rejections report will list all line level problems. If a distribution is rejected, the whole invoice is rejected.

You can correct the data in one of the following ways:

Program Errors

If there is a failure with either the EDI Gateway Program or the Payables Open Interface Program, you can query the program in the Concurrent Requests Summary. You can read about any errors in the log file.

Payables Open Interface Import commits in cycles of 100. For example, if there is an error that stops the import program when it is validating the 350th invoice record, the system will have already committed the first 300 invoices.

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