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Setting Up Receivables

During setup, you define business fundamentals such as the activities you process and their accounting distributions, your accounting structure, and various control features. Setup is also the time to define comprehensive defaults that Receivables uses to make data entry more efficient and accurate. In addition, setup lets you customize Receivables to employ the policies and procedures that you use in your business.

You can set up Receivables a number of different ways. For a complete description of each setup step, see: Setup Steps.

If you use the Oracle Applications Multiple Organization Support feature to use multiple sets of books for one Receivables installation, please refer to the Multiple Organizations in Oracle Applications manual before proceeding.

Note: If you plan to use Multiple Reporting Currencies (MRC) with Receivables, additional setup steps are required. For more information, see: Multiple Reporting Currencies in Oracle Applications.

Oracle Applications Implementation Wizard

If you are implementing more than one Oracle Applications product, you may want to use the Oracle Applications Implementation Wizard to coordinate your setup activities. The Implementation Wizard guides you through the setup steps for the applications you have installed, suggesting a logical sequence that satisfies cross-product implementation dependencies and reduces redundant setup steps. The Wizard also identifies steps that can be completed independently--by several teams working in parallel--to help you manage your implementation process most efficiently.

You can use the Implementation Wizard as a resource center to read online help for a setup activity and open the appropriate setup window, and to see a graphical overview of setup steps. You can also document your implementation by using the Wizard to record comments for each step for future reference and review.

For more information, see: Implementation Wizard Documentation

You must set up underlying Oracle Applications Technology

The setup steps in this chapter tell you how to implement the parts of Oracle Applications specific to Oracle Receivables.

The Implementation Wizard guides you through the entire Oracle Applications setup, including system administration. However, if you do not use the Wizard, you need to complete several other setup steps, including:

For more information, see: System administration documentation

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