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Receivables Navigation Paths

This section lists each Receivables window and corresponding navigation path.

If you have recently upgraded Receivables from Release 10 character mode to Release 10SC or Release 11 GUI, you can consult the Oracle Applications Character Mode to GUI Menu Path Changes book for information on how the navigation has changed. See: Character Mode to GUI Menu Path Changes.

Window Name Navigator Path
Account Details Collections->Account Details
Account Overview Collections->Account Overview
Accounting Calendar
Set Up->Financials->Calendars-> Periods
Accounting Periods Accounting->Open/Close Periods
Aging Collections->Aging
Alternate Name Receipt Matches Customers->Alternate Name Matches
Adjustment Approval Limits Set Up->Transactions->Adjustment Limits
Aging Buckets Set Up->Collections->Aging Buckets
Aging Collections->Aging
Approve Adjustments Control->Adjustments->Approve Adjustments
Assign Flexfield Security Rules
Set Up->Financials->Flexfields-> Descriptive->Security->Define
Assign Key Flexfield Security Rules
Set Up->Financials->Flexfields-> Descriptive->Security->Define
Assign Security Rules
Set Up->Financials->Flexfields-> Descriptive->Security->Define
AutoCash Rule Sets Set Up->Receipts->AutoCash Rule Sets
AutoInvoice Grouping Rules Set Up->Transactions->AutoInvoice ->Grouping Rules
Automatic Accounting Set Up->Transactions-> AutoAccounting
Automatic Payment Programs Set Up->Receipts->Receipt Programs
Bank Charges Set Up->Receipts->Bank Charges
Banks Set Up->Receipts->Bank
Category Codes
Set Up->Transactions->Item-> Category->Define->Category
Category Sets
Set Up->Transactions->Item-> Category Define->Default Sets
Clear/Risk Eliminate Receipts->Clear/Risk Eliminate
Collectors Set Up->Collections->Collectors
Completed Requests
Concurrent Requests Summary
Conversion Rate Types
Set Up->Financials->Currencies-> Rates->Types
Copy Transactions Transactions->Copy
Correspondence Collections->Correspondence
Countries and Territories Set Up->System->Countries
Create AutoAdjustments Control->Adjustments->Create AutoAdjustments
Credit Transactions Transactions->Credit Transactions
Cross Validation Rules
Set Up->Financials->Flexfields-> Key-> Rules
Set Up->Financials->Currencies-> Define
Customer Accounts Collections->Customer Account
Customer Calls Collections->Record A Call
Customer Interface Interfaces->Customer
Customer Merge Customers->Merge
Customer Profile Classes Customers->Customer Profile Classes
Customers Quick Customers->Customer Quick
Customers Standard Customers->Customer Standard
Customers Summary Customers->Customer Summary
Daily Rates
Set Up->Financials->Currencies-> Rates->Daily
Default Category Sets
Set Up->Transactions->Item-> Category->Define->Sets
Define Security Rules
Set Up->Financials->Flexfields-> Descriptive->Security->Define
Descriptive Flexfield Segments
Set Up->Financials->Flexfields-> Descriptive->Segments
Distribution Sets Set Up->Receipts->Distribution Sets
Document Sequences Application->Document->Define (use System Administrator responsibility)
Dunning History Collections->Account Details. Choose Dunning History button.
Dunning Letter Sets Set Up->Print->Dunning Letter Sets
Dunning Letters Set Up->Print->Dunning Letters
F4 Define Organization Set Up->System->Organization
Freight Carriers Set Up->System->QuickCodes-> Freight
GL Accounts
Set Up->Financials->Combinations
Interface: Customer Interfaces->Customer
Interfaces: AutoInvoice Interfaces->AutoInvoice
Inventory Delete Items Set Up->Transactions->Item->Delete Items
Invoice Line Ordering Rules Set Up->Transactions->AutoInvoice ->Line Ordering
Invoicing and Accounting Rules Set Up->Transactions->Rules
Item Status Codes Set Up->Transactions->Item->Status
Item Tax Rate Exceptions Set Up->Tax->Exceptions
Key Flexfield Security Rules
Set Up->Financials->Flexfields->Key ->Security->Define
Lockbox Transmission History Receipts->Lockbox->Transmission History
Lockboxes Set Up->Receipts-> Lockbox->Lockbox
Lockbox Transmission Data Receipts->Lockbox->Maintain Transmission Data
Memo Lines Set Up->Transactions->Memo Lines
Open/Close Accounting Periods Accounting->Open/Close Periods
Payment Methods Set Up->Receipts->Receipt Classes
Payment Programs Set Up->Receipts->Receipt Programs
Payment Terms Set Up->Transactions->Payment Terms
Period Rates
Set Up->Financials->Currencies-> Rates->Period
Period Types
Set Up->Financials->Currencies-> Rates->Type
Print Accounting Reports
Print Dunning Print->Documents->Dunning
Print Invoices Print->Documents->Invoices
Print Statements Print->Documents->Statements
Profile User Values Control->Profile Options
Quick Codes Demand Class Set Up->System->QuickCodes-> Demand Class
Quick Find by Alternate Name Customers->Quick Find by Alternate Name
Receipt Batches Summary Receipts->Receipts Summary
Receipt Batches Receipts->Batches
Receipt Classes Set Up->Receipts->Receipt Classes
Receipt Sources Set Up->Receipts->Receipt Sources
Receipts Summary Receipts->Receipts Summary
Receipts Receipts->Receipts
Receivables Activities Set Up->Receipts->Receivable Activity
Receivables Quick Codes Set Up->System->QuickCodes-> Receivable
Remit-To Addresses Set Up->Print->Remit To Addresses
Remittances Summary Receipts->Remittances
Remittances Receipts->Remittances
Request Sets (User Mode)
Requests Accounting
Requests Collection
Requests Listing
Requests Other
Requests Submit Control->Requests->Run
Run AutoInvoice Interfaces->AutoInvoice
Run Customer Interface Interfaces->Customer
Run General Ledger Interface Interfaces->General Ledger
Run Revenue Recognition Control->Accounting->Revenue Recognition
Run Tax Rate Interface page Interfaces->Tax Rate
Sales Tax Rates Set Up->Tax->Sales Tax Rates
Salespersons Set Up->Transactions->Salespersons
Scheduler Collections->Scheduler
Segment Values
Set Up->Financials->Flexfields-> Descriptive->Values
Set of Books
Set Up->Financials->Books
Shorthand Aliases
Set Up->Financials->Flexfields->Key ->Aliases
Standard Memo Lines Set Up->Transactions->Memo Lines
Standard Messages Set Up->Print->Standard Messages
Statement Cycles Set Up->Print->Statement Cycles
Submit Lockbox Processing Interfaces->Lockbox
System Options Set Up->System->System Options
Tax Authorities Set Up->Tax->Authorities
Tax Codes and Rates Set Up->Tax->Codes
Tax Exemptions Set Up->Tax->Exemptions
Tax Locations and Rates Set Up->Tax->Locations

Tax Options
Set Up->Tax->GL Tax Assignments
Territories Set Up->Transactions->Territories
Transaction Batches Summary Transactions->Batches Summary
Transaction Batches Transactions->Batches
Transaction Overview Collections->Transaction Overview
Transaction Sources Set Up->Transactions->Sources
Transaction Summary Transactions->Transaction Summary
Transaction Types Set Up->Transactions->Transaction Types
Transactions Transactions->Transactions
Transactions Summary Transactions->Transactions Summary
Transmission Formats Set Up->Receipts->Lockbox Transmission
Units of Measure Classes Set Up->System->UOM->Class
Units of Measure Set Up->System->UOM->UOM
Viewing Requests

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