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Define organizations to describe the distinct distribution entities in your company, such as separate warehouses or manufacturing facilities.

You must define at least one organization to use Receivables. If other Oracle Manufacturing Applications that use organizations are installed, you should set up your organizations from within these products and use their product-specific documentation. If you have both Oracle Order Entry and Receivables installed, you can set up your organizations from either application.

After you define your organizations, you must specify an organization for the profile option OE: Item Validation Organization. This profile option indicates the organization that Receivables uses to validate items. If you have both Oracle Order Entry and Receivables installed, you can set your OE: Item Validation Organization profile option from either application.

The information in the Organization window is shared by all Oracle applications that you install. Consequently, you can query all the organizations set up within other products. If you can query other organizations, you do not have to set up an Organization specific to Receivables.

You can disable an organization classification by unchecking the Enabled check box next to that classification, and then saving your work.


   To define an organization:

Note: The Location, Internal or External, Location Address, and Informal Address fields are not applicable to Receivables, so you can ignore them.

Note: For an organization with an 'Inventory Organization' classification, you must first define your accounting and then your inventory information before you can enter additional information.

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