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Define lockboxes to use the Receivables AutoLockbox program. AutoLockbox automatically creates receipts in Receivables using electronic information that your bank provides. Receivables lets you specify the payment method for each lockbox you define. Payment methods provide the default accounting information for receipts you create through AutoLockbox.

Receivables displays active lockboxes as list of values choices in the Submit Lockbox Processing window.

You can disable a lockbox by unchecking the Active check box, and then saving your work.


   To define a lockbox:

Attention: If the system option Require Billing Location for receipts is set to Yes, this option should also be set to Yes for your Lockbox. If the system option is set to Yes but it is set to No for your Lockbox, Receivables displays an error message when you submit AutoLockbox. The setting at the system options level determines whether Post QuickCash can process receipts without billing locations.

Note: Receivables allows more than one sales order number per invoice because different invoice lines can be generated from different sales orders. Therefore, this method is valid even if other lines on the same invoice reference different sales orders.

Note: Receivables allows more than one invoice per sales order or purchase order. If you choose a Match Receipt By method of Sales Order or Purchase Order, Lockbox will match with the first invoice that it finds.

Suggestion: If you have customers that match receipts using different methods and either Allow Payment of Unrelated Invoices is Yes for this Lockbox submission or AutoAssociate is Yes for this Lockbox, set Match on Corresponding Date to Always. Because different customers can have transactions with the same number, setting the Match on Corresponding Date option to Always ensures that Lockbox will check both the transaction number and date before matching it with a receipt.

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