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Running AutoLockbox

Run AutoLockbox to submit your lockbox transmission processes and transfer payment information from your bank files into Receivables. Submit AutoLockbox from the Submit Lockbox Processing window.

Use AutoLockbox to import your invoice-related receipts. You must process non-invoice related receipts (such as investment income) through the Receipts window using a receipt type of 'Miscellaneous'.

You can import, validate, and run AutoLockbox all in one step, or perform the steps separately using the same window. For example, you can import data into Receivables and review it before validating it within Receivables. Upon examination and approval, you can submit the validation step and Receivables will automatically validate your data and create QuickCash receipt batches.

Caution: When you receive your bank file, be sure to name the file and move it to the appropriate directory. You will need to specify the location of your bank file when you submit AutoLockbox. If you receive daily files from your bank, be careful not to overwrite the files from the previous day.

Receivables uses SQL*Loader to load information from your bank files into AutoLockbox tables. For SQL*Loader to load your bank file properly, each logical record that your bank sends to you must end with a carriage return; otherwise, SQL*Loader displays an error message when you initiate AutoLockbox.

Attention: If you are using the automatic receipts feature, AutoLockbox ignores all transactions in this transmission that are selected for automatic receipt (i.e. transactions assigned to a payment method whose associated receipt class has Creation Method set to 'Automatic').


   To run AutoLockbox:

Note: Use the Maintain Lockbox Transmission data window to review and edit records that fail validation. See: Maintaining Lockbox Transmission Data.

Note: You can also submit Post QuickCash from the Receipt Batches window. See: Post QuickCash.

Reviewing Receipts in a Lockbox Transmission

After you successfully import and validate your receipts using Lockbox, you can review them in the Quick Receipts window. Use the Transmission region in the Receipt Batches window to query all receipt batches that included in one transmission and update or delete any receipt information.

You can review Lockbox receipts before or after you run Post QuickCash. If you submitted Post QuickCash for this lockbox transmission, you can only review these receipts in the Receipts or the Adjustments window. See: Running AutoLockbox.

You can review receipts that failed the validation step in the Lockbox Transmission Data window. See: Maintaining Lockbox Transmission Data.

   To review validated receipts in a lockbox transmission:

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