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Profile Options

During your implementation, you set a value for each Receivables user profile option to specify how Receivables controls access to and processes data. Receivables lets you govern the behavior of many of the windows that use profile options.

Profile options can be set at the following levels:

Each of these user profile options affect the behavior of Receivables in different contexts. In Receivables, operations that profile options can affect include receipt application, the entry of adjustments, the creation and remittance of automatic receipts and taxes, and posting to your general ledger.

You may also have additional user profile options on your system that are specific to applications other than Receivables.

To change profile options at the Site, Application, or Responsibility level, choose the System Administrator responsibility, then navigate to the Personal Profile Values window. Query the Profile Name field to display the profile options with their current settings, make your changes, then save your work.

You can change profile options at the User level in the Personal Profile Values window. To do this, navigate to the Personal Profile Values window, query the profile option to change, enter a new User Value, then save your work.

Generally, your system administrator sets and updates profile values at each level.

Attention: For any changes that you make to profile options to take effect, you must either exit, and then reenter Receivables, or switch responsibilities.

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