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Defining Currencies

Use the Currencies window to define non-ISO (International Standards Organization) currencies, and to enable/disable currencies. Oracle Applications has predefined all currencies specified in ISO standard #4217.

To use a currency other than U.S. Dollars (USD), you must enable the currency. U.S. Dollars (USD) is the only currency that is enabled initially.

   To define a new currency:

Note: You cannot change a currency code after you enable the currency, even if you later disable that currency.

Note: Some Oracle Applications use currency symbols when displaying amounts. Others, like General Ledger, do not.

Note: Some Oracle Applications use the extended precision. Others, like General Ledger, do not.

   To enable or disable a currency:

Defining European Monetary Union Relationships

Oracle Applications and General Ledger include specific features for defining the relationships between the official currency (Euro) of the European Monetary Union (EMU) and the national currencies of EMU member states. For each EMU currency, you define its Euro-to-EMU fixed conversion rate (see Notes below) and the effective starting date.

General Ledger comes with a predefined currency for the Euro, with a currency code of EUR. To use this predefined currency, you must activate it. To use a different currency code for the Euro, you must define a new Euro currency.


   To create an EMU relationship for an existing currency:

Suggestion: We recommend that you carefully check your entered period rates before creating an EMU relationship for your existing currency. You can corrupt your General Ledger data if you have entered rates for any period that is the same as or which follows the period of the effective starting date, if you do so before you create the EMU relationship for your existing currency. See: Entering Period Rates

   To define a new EMU currency:

   To activate the predefined Euro currency:

   To define a new Euro currency:

   To deactivate the predefined Euro currency:

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