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Defining Accounts

Define new accounts by creating new combinations of account segment values. You must define all new accounts manually if you do not allow dynamic insertion to create new accounts automatically.

You can enable or disable specific account combinations at any time.

Note: Use the Summary Accounts window to define or maintain summary accounts.


   To add a new account:

Note: You also set these attributes for the individual segment values. However, the account Allow Posting and Allow Budgeting attributes do not override the attributes for the individual segment values. For example, if you allow posting to an account containing a segment value that does not allow posting, you will not be able to post to that account.

Note: You cannot Allow Posting for the Net Income account which is specified for a set of books with average balance processing enabled.

Oracle Receivables Note: Receivables does not use the Allow Budgeting option.

   To disable an account:

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