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Project Tracking in General Ledger

You can set up General Ledger for basic project tracking capabilities. You can set up your accounts to record project activity, and you can use the Financial Statement Generator to produce customized project tracking reports.

If you set up your accounts for project tracking, General Ledger automatically maintains project-to-date balances. The project-to-date balance is based on the project start date you enter when you define a project segment value. Project-to-date balances are useful since project time periods rarely coincide with a fiscal year. General Ledger carries forward project-to-date balances for all accounts, including revenue and expense accounts, even across fiscal years.

For more advanced project tracking functionality, you should use the Oracle Project Accounting products. You can keep detail project information in Oracle Project Accounting, import journals into General Ledger, and report on project balances in General Ledger.

   To set up General Ledger for project tracking:

   To set up project budgets:

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