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Configuration Items

AutoCreate by Release Date

When you start the AutoCreate Configuration Items concurrent program, you can specify Release Offset Days to help you minimize the impact of order changes on the planning process. By entering the Release Offset Days, you can create configuration items only for sales orders whose work order must be released within that number of days. In other words, if you specify Release Offset Days = 2, then you only create configuration items for orders whose work order must begin within two days.

The AutoCreate Configuration Item process searches your new orders, finds your orders for assemble-to-order models, and assigns an estimated work order release date to these order lines. Oracle Manufacturing computes the estimated work order release date by offsetting the scheduled ship date by the order lead time (through the workday calendar). Using the lead time information for the model item (as specified in the item master), Oracle Manufacturing calculates order lead time as follows:

After assigning the estimated work order release dates to the new orders, the AutoCreate Configuration Item process finds all orders whose work order release date is within the Release Offset Days you specified and automatically creates configuration items for those orders.

For example, the table below describes the results if you placed an order for the Laptop Computer with the following options:

Selection Code Item Item Type Optional Mutually Exclusive Qty
  CPU Option Class No Yes  
. 386 Processor Purchased Item      
Yes . 486 Processor Purchased Item     1
Monitor Option Class No No  
. VGA Option Class Yes No  
Yes . . VGA1 Purchased Item     1
  . . VGA2 Purchased Item      
  . EGA Option Class Yes No  
  . . EGA1 Product      
  . . EGA2 Product      
  Operating System Option Class Yes Yes  
Yes . DOS Phantom     1
  . UNIX Phantom      

Bills of Material automatically defines a new, unique configuration item in the item master and assigns a bill of material and routing. Tables in the next few pages show the single level bill and routing that would be assigned to the new configuration item.

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