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Bills of Material Windows and Navigator Paths

Although your system administrator may have customized your navigator, typical navigational paths include the following:

Note: Text in brackets ([ ]) indicates a button.

Bills of Material Responsibility
Window Name Navigation Path
Add Range Bills > Bills > [Designators] > [Add Range]
Alternates Setup > Alternates
Bill Components Comparison Bills > Comparison
Bill Details Bills > Bills > [Bill Details]
Bill Documents Bills > Documents
Bills of Material Bills > Bills
Calculate Lead Times Routings > Lead Times
Calendar Dates Setup > Calendars > [Dates] or Setup > Calendars > [Shifts] > [Dates]
Change Types Setup > Change Types
Change Types (See ENG) Setup > Change Types
Component Changes Bills > Mass Changes > [Changes]
Delete Range Bills > Bills > [Designators] > [Delete Range]
Deletion Constraints Setup > Delete Constraints
Deletion Groups Delete Groups
Department Classes Setup > Department Classes
Departments Routings > Departments
Descriptive Elements Bills > Bills > [Elements]
Exceptions Setup > Calendars > [Dates] > [Exceptions]
Exception Templates Setup > Exception Templates
Import Bills and Routings Bills > Import or Routings > Import
Indented Bill of Material Bills > Indented Bills
Item Revisions Bills > Bills > [Revision]
Item WhereUsed Bills > Item WhereUsed
Locations (See HR) Setup > Locations
Mass Change Bills Bills > Mass Changes
Operation Resources Routings > Resources
Parameters Setup > Parameters
Reference Designators Bills > Bills > [Designators]
Resource Groups Setup > Resource Groups
Resource Groups (See CAP) Setup > Resource Groups
Resource WhereUsed Routings > Resource WhereUsed
Routing Details Routings > Routings > [Routing Details]
Routing Documents Routings > Documents
Routing Revisions Routings > Routings > [Routing Revisions]
Routings Routings > Routings
Run Assemble to Order Processes Routings > ATO
Simulation Sets Setup > Simulation Sets
Simulation Sets (See CAP) Setup > Simulation Sets
Shifts Setup > Calendars > [Shifts]
Shift Times Setup > Calendars > [Shifts] > [Times]
Standard Operations Routings > Standard Operations
Substitute Components Bills > Bills > [Substitutes]
Workday Calendar Setup > Calendars
Workday Patterns Setup > Calendars > [Workday Pattern]

Flow Manufacturing Responsibility
Window Name Navigation Path
Mixed Model Map Product Sync > Mixed Model Map
Line Operations Product Sync > Standard Line Operations
Standard Processes Product Sync > Standard Processes
Standard Events Product Sync > Standard Events
Routings Product Sync > Flow Routings
Master Items (See INV) Products and Parts > Product Family or Products and Parts > Master Items
Product Families Products and Parts > Product Family Members
Allocations Products and Parts > Product Family Members > [Allocations]

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