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Configuration Item Routings

Bills of Material automatically assigns a routing to each configuration item by copying the model routing and then dropping any option dependent routing steps for which no component exists that references that step. Each routing step it includes has the Option Dependent operation field set to No, since the new item is a mandatory item with no options in its bill. The routing for the Laptop Computer configuration includes step 25 to Clean processor since the 486 processor was chosen which referenced step 25. Since step 25 is Option Dependent in the model routing, it would have been dropped if you had not chosen the 486 processor option.

Operation Option Dependent Department Operation Description
10 No Casing Cut and smooth case edges
20 No Assembly 1 Attach keyboard and cable
25 No Assembly 1 Clean processor
30 No Assembly 2 Insert processor into board
40 No Assembly 3 Attach monitor cable/glare screen
50 No Packaging Wrap OS kit with power supply

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