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Configuration Item Catalog

Bills of Materials helps you catalog your configurations so you can easily search for a pre-existing configuration item definitions, or on hand configurations.

The AutoCreate Configuration Item concurrent program automatically assigns the new configuration item to the same Item Catalog Group as the model and assigns catalog descriptive element values based on the options chosen, depending on how you setup your item catalog and model and option class bills. And, you can specify that certain catalog descriptive elements should become part of the configuration item's description.

For example, you could define item catalog groups for personal computers, processors, monitors, and operating systems and assign descriptive elements to each that represent key characteristics of items in that group. The Personal Computers catalog group might have all descriptive elements while the catalog groups for the main components of a personal computer would have only the element that applies to that type of component.

Catalog Group Element Name Include in Item Description
Personal Computers Processor Type Yes
  Monitor Yes
  OS Yes
Processors Processor Type No
Monitors Monitor No
Operating Systems OS No

You could assign the Laptop Computer model and its options to catalog groups and assign elements as follows:

When you define the bill of material for models and option classes, you can specify a list of descriptive elements that the AutoCreate Configuration Item program should assign automatically to the configuration item. In this example, when you define the bill for the CPU, VGA, EGA, and Operating System option classes, you would specify a single descriptive element for each option class as shown in the table below:

Item Item Type Element Name
CPU Option Class Processor Type
VGA Option Class Monitor
EGA Option Class Monitor
Operating System Option Class OS

In the example where you order a Laptop Computer with a VGA1 monitor, and 486 processor, and a DOS operating system, Bills of Material would automatically assign the following values to descriptive elements:

Configuration Item Catalog Group Element Name Element Value
Laptop Computer-01 Personal Computers Processor Type Fast
    Monitor VGA

Since the Personal Computers catalog group specifies that each of the three descriptive elements should be included in the item description, Bills of Material would automatically assign the description "Fast-VGA-MS-DOS" to the configuration item.

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