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Deactivating Configuration Items

Bills of Material lets you automatically deactivate item numbers associated with completed configuration orders. You can also deactivate configuration items to remove them from item master reports and screens before you actually purge them from the database. See: Deletion Constraints

When you set up Inventory and Bills of Material, you can define an item status to identify completed configuration items. You can use this status to disable the configuration item from all Oracle Manufacturing functions. You would normally specify No for each of the following item attributes for inactive configuration items:

When defining bills of material parameters, specify the item status to use for completed configuration items. See: Defining Bills of Material Parameters

You can run the Deactivate Configuration Items concurrent program to automatically deactivate all configuration items that have no open sales orders or on-hand inventory, and whose most recent sales order shipped more than the number of days ago you specify. Each deactivated configuration item has its status updated.

   To deactivate configuration items:

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