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Overview of Supplier Scheduling

Oracle Supplier Scheduling lets you calculate, maintain, and communicate Planning and Shipping Schedules to your supplier partners.

You can use Planning Schedules to convey long-range requirement forecasts, and to optionally include order releases and material authorizations, which are commitments to fund investment in raw materials and processing for projected requirements.

You can use Shipping Schedules to communicate firm requirements such as order releases. You can also use Shipping Schedules in conjunction with Planning Schedules to provide a detailed view of expected delivery.

The schedules are comprised of unimplemented MRP/MPS/DRP Planned Orders, approved Requisitions, and approved Supply Agreement Releases for specific suppliers, supplier/site combinations, items, and ship-to organizations. You can include orders in the schedule if their due dates fall within the schedule horizon and their document types are relevant for the schedule type. For example, you cannot include Planned Orders in a Shipping Schedule with a subtype of Release Only.

You can build a schedule in a bucket pattern of days, weeks, months, and quarters that will best communicate your orders and you can distribute your schedules to your supplier by EDI or printed report.


Major Features

With Supplier Scheduling you can:

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