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New Features in Product Configurator Release 11

New features in this release include:

Web Configurator

Web Configurator is a self-service sales order configurator within Oracle Web Customers. The Web Configurator allows your customers use a standard web browser to place orders for complex products with many features and options. These orders are validated by the Web Configurator to prevent invalid orders from being introduced into your system. You can choose between a full multilevel or a simple single-level display to present options to the web customer. For further information, see the on-line help for Oracle Web Customers.

Multi-Order System Configurations

Product Configurator now allows you to assign a system number to multiple order lines, either within a single order or across several orders. This lets you validate any single model line individually or within the context of the entire system. Constraints and Autoselections take into account all options from all model order lines in the system. See: System Configurations.

System Add-ons and Upgrades

You can now take an order for an add-on option or replacement option for an existing customer and validate the order taking into account the options on their current system. See: System Add-ons and Upgrades.

Configuration Match and Reserve

With Configuration Match and Reserve you can reuse existing configuration items that match configurations on new Assemble-to-Order requests. You can check for a matching configuration during order entry and reserve it for the order instead of creating new configuration items. See: Using Match and Reserve.

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