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Oracle Product Configurator Documentation Updates

This section contains important information. Please read this section for the latest updates and additions to your user's guide.

Assigning Constraints

Autoselect Constraint Group

The Range Based Items and Quantities description in step 10 currently reads as follows:

Instead, it should read as follows:

Optimization expressions for Range Based Items and Quantities can include characters as well as numbers.

Autoexclude Constraint Group

In step 11, the item types in the Autoexclude constraint group incorrectly use the terms select and autoselect. They should be substituted with exclude and autoexclude. For example, the Standard Items description currently reads as follows:

Instead it should read:

References to quantities should be disregarded. Quantity has no relevance to the Autoexclude constraint group.

See: Assigning a Constraint

Product Configurator Profile Options

The profile option, BOM: Configurator Server Validation is obsolete and not used. Validation is always done on the server.

See: Product Configurator Profile Options

Using Match and Reserve

After you enter order information in step 2, perform the following step:

Then proceed to step 3 and navigate to the model order line.

See: Using Match and Reserve

Validating a System

The Note after step 1 currently reads as follows:

Instead it should read as follows:

See: Validating a System

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