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ECO Access Control

Oracle Engineering controls the access to ECOs and the changes you can specify on them using profile options, security functions, item types, ECO types, and ECO departments.

ECO Types

For each ECO type, you specify if it can update engineering items. Only users whose profile option indicates they can update engineering items can choose ECO types that update engineering items.

Item Types

Oracle Bills of Material and Engineering use two item master attributes to control access to items and to determine the types of items that can be on a bill: BOM Item Type and Engineering Item.

The BOM Item Type item master field divides items into four major types: planning items, model items, option class items, and standard items.

User Profile Options

User profile options control the types of items you can revise on an ECO. You can specify whether a user or responsibility can revise model and option class items, planning items, standard items, or engineering items on ECOs.

Engineering uses the following four profile options to control the types of items you can change on an ECO:

Engineering enforces security for engineering items by only letting users that are allowed to update engineering items choose ECO types that update engineering items. In addition, to update engineering bills of material for manufacturing items, you must choose ECO types that update engineering items.

Each time you try to add a revised item to an ECO, Engineering checks to see if you can update that item based on its BOM Item Type and your profile options.

For example, you might define several ECO types that can update manufacturing items, and only define one type that can update engineering items.

You might also specify profile options to control access to BOM item types by user, as shown in the following example:

User ECO Department Standard Item Access Planning Item Access Model / Option Class Item Access Engineering Item Access
Joe Product Engineering Yes No No Yes
Mary Mfg. Engineering Yes No Yes No
Fred Customer Service No No Yes No
Sue Material Planning No Yes No No
Dave Production Yes No Yes No

In the example, Joe can create ECOs that update standard items. Mary can create ECOs that update manufacturing standard items and model / option class items. But Mary is not allowed to update engineering items.

Profile Settings for Changing Bills Only With ECOs

To limit user's access to bills of material only through ECOs, set the following Bills of Material profile options to No:

And the following Engineering profile options to Yes:

Profile Settings for Changing Bills With or Without ECOs

With the same seven profile options listed above all set to Yes, bills can be changed with or without ECOs.

ECO Departments

You can assign users to departments and secure each ECO to a department so that only users in that department can access the ECO. If you do not specify a department for an ECO, any user can access it. If you do not assign a user to a department, they can access all ECOs. Setting the ENG: Mandatory ECO Departments to Yes requires you to specify a responsible department on every ECO.

You can update the responsible department as you release an ECO from the current ECO department. For example, if Product Engineering releases an ECO to Manufacturing Engineering, they can reassign the responsible department so it becomes visible and updatable to users assigned to the Manufacturing Engineering ECO department.

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