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Implementing ECOs

When you implement an ECO, each revised item's status is marked as "implemented"; you can no longer reschedule it. You can implement all revised items on an ECO, or implement each revised item on a different date. Engineering only lets you implement ECOs that do not have an approval status of Rejected, or do not have an ECO status of Hold or Cancelled. Once you implement an ECO or revised item, you can no longer make any revised item changes.

You can manually implement revised items on an ECO or you can automatically implement each revised item on its effective date. Engineering updates the actual implementation date for each revised item when it is implemented. When all of the revised items on an ECO have been implemented, the ECO is completely implemented and can be purged.

Engineering implements an ECO over time from the earliest revised item effective date to the latest revised item effective date. When you spread multiple changes across several ECOs, you should ensure that the effective date ranges for the ECOs do not overlap. For example, if you implement changes to a bill of material across many ECOs, you should make sure that the revised item effective dates do not overlap. If you implement one change using the current revision, you should implement all other changes to the current revision before you implement changes against future revisions.

Manual Implementation

For an ECO, you can specify whether to implement all or specific revised items. Engineering immediately implements changes to the revised items you specify and updates all component effective dates to the current date, regardless of the revised item effective dates.

For example, if you manually implement a revised item that has a future effective date, Engineering changes the effective date to the current date and marks the revised item and all revised components as implemented.

Automatic Implementation

To AutoImplement a revised item on an ECO, you mark the revised item status as 'scheduled' and specify an effective date. You can schedule all revised items on an ECO for auto-implementation, or schedule each revised item individually. Engineering automatically implements scheduled changes on their effective dates.

Start the AutoImplement Manager process so Engineering implements scheduled changes daily.


   To manually implement an ECO:

   To manually implement a revised item on an ECO:

   To automatically implement an ECO:

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