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Overview of Oracle Applications

Oracle Applications is a tightly-integrated family of application products that share a common look and feel. Using the menus and windows of Oracle Applications, you have access to all the functions you need to manage your business information.

Oracle Applications is highly responsive to users, supporting a multi-window graphical user interface (GUI) that provides you with full point-and-click capability. You can use your mouse or keyboard to operate graphical controls such as pull-down menus, buttons, poplists, and check boxes.

In addition, Oracle Applications offers many other features such as field-to-field validation and list of values to help you simplify data entry and maintain the integrity of the data you enter.

The best way to familiarize yourself with the common look and feel of Oracle Applications products is to log in and use the products. This chapter describes how to get started with Oracle Applications and provides you with the basic information you need to explore Oracle Applications in greater depth.

Suggestion: This guide teaches you how to use the Oracle Applications GUI and other common Oracle Applications features. If you need specific information about a particular Oracle Applications product, you should consult the help or reference guide for that product. For example, if you wish to learn how to enter a journal, you should consult the Oracle General Ledger User's Guide or the Oracle Public Sector General Ledger User's Guide.

Basic Business Needs

Oracle Applications provides you with features you need for your business. With Oracle Applications you can:

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