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Basic GUI Terminology

The examples and screenshots shown in this guide represent the various platforms on which Oracle Applications is available including the Microsoft Windows environment, and Web Browsers.

Before using Oracle Applications, you should familiarize yourself with the specifics of your GUI environment and how to perform basic tasks, such as using a menu or selecting an item. In doing so, you should come across and become familiar with the following generic terms:

desktop The part of your computer monitor that displays information and where your work takes place. This is also referred to as your screen.
window A box around a set of related information on your desktop.
menu A list that appears in a bar across the top of a window that consists of commands or actions you can perform.
click Quickly press and release a mouse button while the mouse pointer is on a particular item.
double-click Rapidly click a mouse button twice while the mouse pointer is on a particular item.
drag Move the mouse while holding down a mouse button.
select Mark an item. Examples include highlighting text, or clicking on a value from a list.
choose Select an item and initiate the action associated with the item. Examples include choosing a menu item or choosing a button.
scroll bar A vertical or horizontal bar that appears on a window whose contents are not entirely visible. Click on the arrows, or drag on the box of a scroll bar to scroll through the hidden contents, or click in the bar itself to move to either the previous or next page.

Note: The mouse button that we refer to in the terms above is the mouse button that you program for selecting text and choosing items. (Usually the left mouse button)

Once you get started in Oracle Applications, you can refer to the Oracle Applications User Interface section of this guide for a more comprehensive list of user interface terms. See: Oracle Applications User Interface.

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