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Using the Navigator's Functions Region

The forms that you can navigate to are displayed in a navigation list on the left-hand side of the Navigate window. The navigation list is organized much like the hierarchy of a file system, where you can expand items that begin with a plus sign (+) to further sub-levels until you find your form of interest. Sub-levels appear indented below the items from which they are expanded. Items that are expanded are preceded by a minus sign (-). You can expand no further when an item displays neither a plus or minus sign. Figure 1 - 30 is an example of how navigation list expansion works. The sequence shows that Item 1 is expanded twice to get to the forms called Item 1Aa and Item 1Ab. Note that Item 2 in the example also represents a form, since it cannot be expanded.

Figure 1 - 30.

Above the navigation list, you should see two fields that span the width of the window. These two fields help you identify your selection. The top field displays the name of the item currently selected, while the bottom field displays a description of that item.

Finally, at the bottom of the Navigate window, you should see a check box labelled Close Other Forms. This check box lets you choose between being able to open several forms at the same time or just one form at a time.

For example, suppose you have a form open that displays two windows and you want to open yet another form. If the Close Other Forms check box is unchecked, then when you open a new form, Oracle Applications displays that form in a new window, so that the two windows for your original form also remain open. If the check box is checked, then when you open a new form, Oracle Applications closes the two windows associated with the first form before it opens the window for the new form.

Suggestion: Each window that you have open requires a certain amount of computing resources. If you know that your computer is low on resources, you may want to check the Close Other Forms check box to avoid opening too many windows simultaneously and wasting resources.

Note: Whenever Oracle Applications closes a form, if you have made any changes in the form but not yet saved the changes, you will be asked to do so.

   To expand or collapse the navigation list:

   To open a form from the navigation list:

Suggestion: Alternatively, you can double-click directly on the form of interest to open it. However, do not double-click on the Open button. All buttons require only a single click to activate; using a double click will activate the action twice.

   To open a form using an LOV window:

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