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Navigating Within a Window

   To navigate within a window:

Table 1 - 36 illustrates the default menu and keyboard shortcut methods you can use to navigate around the records, fields, and blocks of an Oracle Applications window running in the Microsoft Windows environment.

Window Navigation Functions
Function Type Function Menu Item Keyboard Shortcut
Record Go to Previous Go->Previous Record [Up Arrow]
  Go to Next Go->Next Record [Down Arrow]
  Go to First Go->First Record  
  Go to Last Go->Last Record  
Field Go to Previous Go->Previous Field [Shift]-[Tab]
  Go to Next Go->Next Field [Tab]
  Go to Next (From a Multi-Line Text Item)   [Ctrl]-[tab]
Block Go to Previous Go->Previous Block [Ctrl]-[Page Up]
  Go to Next Go->Next Block [Ctrl]-[Page Down]

Note: You can navigate to a display only field using your mouse or the Go to Previous function.

Note: The keyboard shortcuts mappings outlined in the Window Navigation Functions table are the default mappings and may be different if your System Administrator modifies your Oracle Terminal Settings.

Suggestion: You can choose Next Block or Previous Block from the Go menu to help you distinguish between the blocks and regions in a window, since blocks and regions can have a similar appearance.

Suggestion: If you are working in a window and accidentally press a wrong key or button that prevents you from further navigation, you can choose Clear Record from the Edit menu, to undo your changes in the window and begin again.

Attention: Whereas [Tab] moves you between fields, pressing [Enter] selects the default button in the window (if there is a default). If you try using [Enter] to navigate between fields, you may unintentionally activate the default button.

Attention: If a large number (more than 100) records are queried, Go->Last Record will retrieve 100 records then open a decision window prompting you to either:

Stop - Displays the last record of the records retrieved.

Continue to End - Retreives all records queried and displays the last record of the query.

Continue - Retreives the next 100 records and repeats the decision window unless all records have been retrieved. If all records have been retrieved then the last record will be displayed

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