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Querying Records in a Folder

A main advantage of a folder block is that you can customize it to display only the records you want to see. You can easily alter the query criteria for a folder and save that criteria with a folder. You can also control the sorting order of the records you display in a multi-record folder.

   To define query criteria for a folder:

Always The query will be automatically performed each time you open the folder.
Never The query will be saved with the folder, but will not automatically run when you open the folder.
Ask Each Time You will be prompted when you open the folder to decide if you would like the query to be performed immediately.

   To view the query criteria for a folder:

   To reset the query criteria for a folder:

   To alter the sorting order of data in a multi-record folder:


Figure 1 - 47.

Choose Save or Save As... from the Folder menu to save this query criteria and layout. Enter a unique name to identify the folder. Make sure to set the Auto Query option group to the desired behavior. You can also choose View Query... from the Folder menu at any time to display the WHERE clause for this query in the Folder Contents window.

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