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Concurrent Processing Options

All reports and programs in Oracle Applications run as concurrent processes whether you submit them using the Submit Requests window, or using a product-specific submission window. Throughout this guide we refer to submitted reports and programs as concurrent requests, or simply as requests.

Each concurrent request runs according to a set of concurrent processing options.

Default Values of Concurrent Processing Options

The default values of the concurrent processing options are determined by the values of the following user profile options:

If you want to change the value of a default, you must change the value of the corresponding user profile option using the Personal Profile Values window in your application. Some profile options, such as Concurrent:Request Priority, can only be changed by your system administrator. See: Setting Your Personal User Profile.

If you submit your report or program using the Submit Requests window, you can also modify most of these concurrent processing options for the request at the time you submit your request. If you use a product-specific window that automatically submits a concurrent request when you save your work or choose a button, Oracle Applications uses the values defined by your user profile options as the concurrent processing options for your request.

Note: You can modify many of your request's concurrent processing options up until it starts running, even if you cannot modify the options at the time you submit the request. The Requests window lets you monitor and change the options for your requests. See: Using the Requests windows.

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