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Predefined Alerts

There are two types of predefined alerts:

Suggestion: See your product's reference guide for a list of the predefined alerts that are packaged with your Oracle Applications product.

Using Predefined Alerts

All predefined alerts are initially disabled. You must enable the alerts you want to use. Select the Oracle Alert Manager responsibility when you start Oracle Applications to view or use a predefined alert. The Alert Manager responsibility gives you access to the Oracle Alert menu.

Navigate to the Alerts window to enable or edit predefined alerts. To display the predefined alert(s) for your Oracle Applications product, execute a query with your Oracle Applications product name in the Application field.

The Name field displays the name of the predefined alert. The Type field indicates if the alert is an event or a periodic alert.

You can enable an alert to run by checking the Enabled check box. You can also enter an End Date to specify the date until you want this alert run.

Choose the Alert Details button to open the Alert Details window. Choose the Alert Installations alternative region to display the available Installations.

Enter the Oracle ID of the application installation you want your alert to run against. You can select only the Oracle IDs that are associated with the application that owns your alert. You can disable an Oracle ID for the alert temporarily by unchecking the Enabled check box.

Choose the Actions button to open the Actions window. Oracle Alert automatically displays the actions that are defined for the alert.

In the Actions window, if the Action Type is Detail, choose the Action Details button to display details for that action.

The alert action sends an alert action message to the mail ID listed in the To field of the Message Detail zone. If the mail ID is in the format &NAME, where Name is an output defined by your alert, you need not modify this field. If, however, the mail ID in the To field is not in the above format or if there is no value entered in the field, you must enter the mail ID(s) of the person(s) you wish to receive the alert action message. After modifying the contents of this window, save your work.

Navigate to the Oracle Alert Options window. Use this window to specify the electronic mail application you wish to integrate with the predefined alerts.

In the Alerts window, choose the Actions Sets button to navigate to the Action Sets window. Oracle Alert automatically displays the action sets defined for the alert.

Check the Enabled check box for each action set you wish to use. You may also enter an End Date field to specify the date until you want this alert action set to be enabled.

In addition, in the Action Set Members block, check the Enabled check box for each action set member you want to use in that action set.

You may also enter an End Date to specify the date until you want this alert action set member to be enabled. When you finish, save your work.

Your predefined alert is now ready to use.

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