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Oracle Alert Runtime Features

If you do not have a licensed copy of the full Oracle Alert product, you may still derive benefit from major Oracle Alert features by using the predefined alerts that are packaged with your Oracle Applications product.

All Oracle Applications products are packaged with a runtime version of Oracle Alert. Although all the Oracle Alert windows are available in this runtime version, not all the features in those windows are enabled. With the runtime version of Oracle Alert, you can run only the predefined alerts that are packaged with your product; you cannot create new alerts.

Alert Definitions


A mechanism that checks your database for a specific exception condition. An alert is characterized by the SQL SELECT statement it contains. A SQL SELECT statement tells your application what database exception to identify, as well as what output to produce for that exception.

For example, you can define an alert to flag purchase orders exceeding $10,000, and have that alert output the name of the individual who requested the purchase order, as well as the name of the individual's manager. All predefined alerts are listed in the Alerts window of Oracle Alert.

Event Alert

An event alert monitors the occurrence of a specific exception or change in your database. An exception in your database results if you add or update information using your Oracle Applications windows. The event alert monitors the database for exceptions based on its SQL SELECT statement.

Periodic Alert

A periodic alert periodically reports key information according to a schedule that you define. Rather than notify you of immediate exceptions in the database like an event alert, a periodic alert scans for specific database information specified by its SQL SELECT statement at scheduled intervals.

Alert Action

An alert action is an action you want your alert to perform. An alert action can be dependent on the output from the alert. An alert action can fall under one of three categories:

An action can include sending an electronic mail message to a mail ID, running an Oracle Applications program, running a program or script from your operating system, or running a SQL script to modify information in your database.

You can have more than one action for an alert and an action can incorporate the output of the alert. For example, you may want a particular alert to send a message to a manager, as well as run an Oracle Applications program when an exception occurs.

Action Sets

An action set is a sequence of alert actions that are enabled for a particular alert. Each action that you include in an action set can be assigned a sequence number so that you can specify the order in which the actions are performed. Some predefined alerts may also have more than one action set. You can also assign a sequence number to each action set to specify the order in which each action set is performed.

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