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Attachments Window

Use the Attachments window to view or delete existing attachments, and create new attachments. You must provide the following information when you create an attachment:


The category controls which forms can access the document. Each form that enables Attachments must list which document categories it can access. A "Miscellaneous" category will be assigned to each form registered for Attachments to facilitate "cross-form" visibility of Attachments.


An attached document can be:

Short Text Text stored in the database containing less than 2000 characters.
Long Text Text stored in the database containing 2000 characters or more.
Image An image that Oracle Forms can display, including: bmp, cals, jfif, jpeg, gif, pcd, pcx, pict, ras, and tif.
OLE Object for Smart Client An OLE Object that requires other OLE server applications to view, such as Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel.
File for Web Deployed A file that requires other server applications to view, such as Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel.
Web Page A URL reference to a web page which you can view with your web browser. You must define your web browser in the profile option Web Browser to view a web page attachment.

May be Changed

The May be Changed checkbox indicates if you are able to edit the attachment.


Specify where images are to be stored:

Database Storing images in the database provides centrally-accessible images without special file system setup. However, database storage of images will increase the amount of database space required for applications.
File System File system storage of images requires a shared file system that is accessible to all users and looks the same to all users. For example, you should not store an image on your local PC' s C drive as another PC accessing the system will not see your PC's C drive as its C drive.

Document Block

The document block is the section of the window below the multi-line attachment block. The document block displays the current document in the attachments block.

To improve performance while scrolling through lists of attachments, uncheck the coordination checkbox. The document block will not update until you turn coordination on again.

Attention: If you maximize the document block window, no other operations can be performed until you restore the block to its original state.

If the attachment is an image datatype, you can use the Magnification poplist to choose from a list of percentages to enlarge or shrink the image, or enter your own percentage sizing. Adjust to Fit will adjust the image to fit within the form. Move your cursor into another field to see your image in the new scale.

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