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Defining Data Groups

This essay explains how you can define data groups, which specify your applications database connections.

Introduction to Data Groups

A data group is a list of Oracle Applications and the Oracle username assigned to each application. Each application in a data group must have a Oracle username assigned to it. An application may be listed only once in a data group.

An Oracle username and password allow access to an application's tables in an Oracle database. Each Oracle username in a data group determines the database tables and table privileges accessible by the corresponding application or applications.

Figure 1 - 8.

Data Group's Purpose

Each responsibility has a data group associated with it. A data group serves two purposes:

Remarks on Data Group's structure

There are four points concerning the makeup of any Data Group.

Attention: To prevent users of a responsibility from connecting to the database using a Tool Oracle username, you can backspace over (erase) the default entry. You cannot select a Tool Oracle username associated with another application in the data group.

The Tool Oracle username identifies the database tables and privileges a user of the responsibility has when connecting to the database using an Oracle Tool, for example, SQL*Plus.

Attention: The Oracle Tools window may not be available on your desktop platform.

Warning: If the Oracle Tool is query-only, for example, Oracle Browser, you may assign an unrestricted Tool Oracle Username. If the Oracle Tool allows write privileges, you should assign a Tool Oracle Username that is restricted (read-only).

Warning: Modifying data or table structures using an Oracle Tool, for example, SQL*Plus or SQL*Forms, may damage your data's integrity and is not supported by Oracle.

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