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Using Data Groups

Using Data Groups with multiple Sets of Books

Use data groups to support multiple installations of an Oracle Applications product (for example, Oracle Payables) that supports multiple sets of books, where a different application is associated with each set of books. See: Using Data Groups with multiple product installations.

For example, with two installations of Oracle Payables supporting two Sets of Books, use data groups to indicate which Oracle Payables Oracle username to access from a certain General Ledger responsibility.

Define a data group for each application installation (set of books).

Define a responsibility for each application installation (set of books), and assign the appropriate data group to each responsibility.

Using Data Groups to include custom applications

Use data groups to include custom applications you develop using Oracle's Application Object Library. To integrate a custom application with Oracle Applications, you must register the application using the Applications window. See: Applications.

An example of using two Data Groups to support two installations of Oracle Payables, Oracle Purchasing, and Oracle Receivables is illustrated below.

Figure 1 - 9.


Defining Data Groups

Modifying Data Groups

Data Groups

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