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Sequence Assignments Window

Define which documents a document sequence can number, and then assign the document sequence to your definition.

A document sequence numbers documents generated by an Oracle Applications product (for example, invoices generated by Oracle Receivables).

Documents can be defined by the application that generates them and their category (the table in which they are stored). Additional fields appear when the optional rules for defining documents (Set of Books and Method of document entry) are enabled.

Besides entering a document definition and assigning a sequence to it, you can, if you wish, enter effective dates for the assignment.


Sequence Assignments Block

Specify documents by the application that generates them and the category of the document (table where the documents are stored). You can also include in your document definition the set of books they affect, and the method by which the document is entered.

Once a document definition is entered, you select a sequence to assign it to, and if you wish, enter effective dates for the assignment.

There can only be one active sequence assigned to each unique combination of Application, Category, Set of Books, and Method. The last two criterion are optional, and are set in the Document Flexfield.

However, the same sequence, the same numbering scheme, and initial value can be assigned to more than one combination of Application, Category, Set of Books, and Method as long as the Application and Category remain the same.

Application Select the application that generates the documents you wish to number.
For example, to number sales invoices, you select Oracle Receivables.
Category Select a document category to identify a logical subset of documents.
For example, if you do not want to number all invoices in Oracle Receivables, you can choose to number only the category of sales invoices.

Assignment Region

Since the effective dates for an assignment must fall within the sequence's start and end dates, the list of available sequences depends on the start and end dates specified for the assignment.

Start Date/End Date

Enter the dates on which the sequence assignment to your document definition takes effect/is no longer enabled. The Start Date field automatically defaults to the current date, and once a sequence assignment is defined, the start date cannot be changed.

If you leave the End Date field blank, your sequence assignment does not expire; and if you enter an end date and define your sequence assignment, the end date cannot be modified later.

If there is no end date defined and there are no active assignments for a sequence, you can disable the sequence assignment by entering the current date as the end date. Once disabled, a sequence assignment cannot be reactivated.


Select a sequence to assign to your document definition. The sequence's application and the document's application must be the same.

Once you define a sequence assignment, the sequence name cannot be updated later.

If you want to disable the sequence assignment and assign a new sequence to the document definition (Document Flexfield combination), you must first, enter an End Date to disable the current sequence assignment, then, second, create a new record (row) for the new assignment.

Document Flexfield

The Document Flexfield may consist of none, one or two segments.

Set of Books Select the chart of accounts for your business that is affected by the documents you wish to number.
Method Select the method that your documents are entered, automatic or manual.
Automatic is when a concurrent process (e.g., an external program) enters transaction data into an Oracle Application, which generates documents.
Manual is when a document is manually entered using a form in an application.
Once defined, a Document Flexfield definition cannot be updated. You may not define additional segments for the Document Flexfield.

Attention: To enable this descriptive flexfield, use the Descriptive Flexfield Segments window. Select the application Application Object Library, and the title "Document Flexfield". Be sure to unfreeze the flexfield; then, navigate to the Segments window and enable the segments. Freeze your flexfield after you set it up, and save and compile the new definition.

See: Defining Descriptive Flexfields Structures

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