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Document Sequences Window

Name a new document sequence and define how the sequence numbers each document.

A document sequence uniquely numbers documents generated by an Oracle Applications product (for example, invoices generated by Oracle Receivables). Using the Sequence Assignments window, you assign your sequence to number only those documents that satisfy rules you define.

Document sequences ensure that every document your users create can be accounted for. See: Sequences Assignments.

Document Sequences Block

Define the name, type of numbering scheme, effective dates, and initial value for your document sequence.


Once entered, sequence names cannot be changed.


Once selected, the application associated with your sequence cannot be changed.

You grant access to your document sequence from Oracle Applications products by selecting their ORACLE usernames in the Access block.

Audit records for your sequence are stored in the application's audit table, titled Application Short Name_DOC_SEQUENCE_AUDIT. For example, the audit table for a sequence owned by Oracle Payables is AP_DOC_SEQUENCE_AUDIT.

Attention: Your database administrator must grant access to an application's audit table for all ORACLE usernames associated with responsibilities that will use the sequence (responsibilities that access windows using the sequence).

Effective From/To

Enter the dates on which your document sequence takes effect/is no longer enabled. The Start on field automatically defaults to the current date, and once a sequence is defined, the start date cannot be changed. If you leave the End on field blank, your document sequence does not expire; and if you enter an end date and define your sequence, the end date cannot be modified later. If there is no end date defined and there are no active assignments for a sequence, you can disable the sequence by entering the current date as the end date. Once disabled, a sequence cannot be reactivated.


Once defined, you cannot change the type of document numbering sequence.

Automatic Sequentially assigns, by date and time of creation, a unique number to each document as it is generated.
Manual Manual numbering requires a user to assign a number to each document before it is generated.
You must enter unique values. However, please note that numerical ordering and completeness is not enforced.

Attention: The Automatic-By-User type is currently not supported, and is reserved for a future version of Oracle Applications.

Warning: The Gapless Numbering type is valid only in the context of certain localizations. We recommend that you choose this type only after consulting with Worldwide Support, as it may affect the performance of your system.


Check the Message check box if you want each document to display a message (in the message line near the bottom of the screen) informing the user of the sequence name and value (number).

This check box only applies to sequences with the automatic type of numbering. Messages appear only on form displays, and are not written to a request's log file.

Once a sequence is defined, the message choice cannot be changed.

Initial Value

Enter a value for the first document in your sequence. This field only applies to sequences with automatic or gapless numbering type. The maximun sequence value is 1.0e+27.

If you leave this field blank, the first document is automatically assigned a value of "1".

Once a sequence is defined, this initial value cannot be changed.

Access Block

Allow your document sequence to be accessed from your Oracle Applications products. You can extend access to your document sequence to additional applications by selecting each application's ORACLE username.

Extending access to your document sequence to more than one ORACLE username is especially useful when there is more than one installation of a given product, for example, when there are multiple sets of books.

Oracle Username

Select the Oracle Usernames that can access your sequence; more than one application may use a sequence to number their own documents.

Once your sequence is defined, you cannot delete access privileges to Oracle Usernames.

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