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Workflow Status Form

The Workflow Status form is an Oracle Applications form that can be called by any other Oracle Applications form to display status information about an instance of a workflow process.

Your form should use FND_FUNCTION.EXECUTE to call the Oracle Workflow Status form function (the developer form name and function name are FNDWFIAS and FND_FNDWFIAS, respectively) and pass it the following parameters:

ITEM_TYPE=<item_type> ITEM_KEY=<item_key>

Replace <item_type> with the internal name of the item type that the workflow process is associated with and replace <item_key> with the item key that uniquely identifies the work item in that process. See: Function Security, Oracle Applications Coding Standards.

The Workflow Status form is a folder form that displays a list of the activities for an instance of a workflow process and identifies each activity's type, status, result, start date, and end date. See: Customizing the Presentation of Data in a Folder.

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