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Customizing the Presentation of Data in a Folder

A folder block is a special block whose field and record layout you can customize. The following helps you distinguish a folder block from a regular block:

You can customize a folder block to retrieve just a subset of records and display those records in a different layout. You can save your customizations as a folder which defines the layout of your fields and the query criteria used to retrieve your subset of records.

When you first install Oracle Applications and navigate to a folder block, what you see is the original default folder definition or a folder defined by your system administrator. You can modify this default folder definition and save your customizations to be the new default. You can distinguish a custom default folder definition from the original default folder definition because a custom default folder definition always displays its name next to the Open Folder button.

Attention: If your system administrator sets the profile option Flexview: Allow Customization to No, you cannot create or customize folders. The only item available from the Folder menu is Open, to open a predefined folder.

This section teaches you how to use folders to present the data you want and in particular, shows you how to:

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Folder Menu

Basic Business Needs

A folder block lets you satisfy the following basic customization needs:

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