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Selecting Multiple Records

Some Oracle Applications enable you to take an action on several records at once. These records are presented in a multi-record block where you must specify which records will be affected. When a record is selected, the background color changes to pale blue. In addition, the number of records selected is indicated in the action buttons which act on all selected rows, i.e. (Add 3) indicating that three records will be added to the new group. Buttons which act only on the current row do not display the number of records. For example, the Open button the which only opens the current record regardless of your selections does not include this number.

Note: If no records are selected using the following methods the current record is used as the selected record. Once another record is explicitly selected the current record is not considered selected unless it too is selected using one of the following methods.

   To select multiple records:

   To select a range of records:

   To select all records:

   To deselect all records:

   To deselect a single record:

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