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Help File Architecture

Help Directories

In general, there are three Help directories for each Oracle Applications product. The first of these directories, called a product help directory, contains the vast bulk of online help for a single Oracle Applications product. For example, a product help directory contains concept modules to help you understand the concepts underlying a particular Oracle Applications product. It also contains task modules that describe the usage of a product's forms and reports. To help you find the information you need, each product help directory also contains a contents page with links to all the concept and task modules contained in that directory.

The second help directory provided for each Oracle Applications product is a release notes help directory that describes what is new in the current release of the product. You link to release notes help from the contents page of the product help.

The third directory is a custom help directory for for each product. A predefined link to a custom help file is encoded on the contents page of each set of product help files.

Each Oracle Application is delivered with a "dummy" custom help file located in the custom help directory. You can replace this dummy file with a file containing your own custom help. Then you can link from the standard product help file to your own custom help.

Help Directory Names

The naming convention for Oracle Applications help directories is based on the application short name of the product. For example, the application short name for Oracle General Ledger is GL, and so all of Oracle General Ledger's help directory names begin with GL. The following table describes the naming convention for the three types of help directories.

Directory Name Naming Convention Example based on GL
Help <application_short_name> GL
Release Notes <application_short_name>NEW GLNEW
Custom <application_short_name>CUST GLCUST

Library Help File

There is a single help file, LIBRARY.HTM, that serves as the master table of contents for all the product help files. You can view this library help file from the Help menu, or by pressing the Library button from within any Oracle Applications help window. From the library help file, you can link to the contents page for any Oracle Applications product.

Help File Directories

If you are installing help on a PC, all .HTM and .GIF files, including product help files, release note help files, custom help files, and the library help file, are located in the subdirectory C:\APPS10\AU10\DOCS\<language>.

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