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Customizing Oracle Applications Help

To customize Oracle Applications help you can:


Create a custom help file

To supplement an Oracle Applications product help file with your own custom help file, create a correspondingly named <application_short_name>CUST.HTM file containing the anchor <A Name = "<application_short_name>CUST">, along with your custom help text. Overwrite the dummy custom help file that is delivered with your Oracle Applications product.

Upgrade Consequences: Each Oracle Applications product help system will always contain a link to a custom help file. Thus, your custom help file should continue to work after you upgrade to a newer client release. Note, you may need to re-propagate your custom help file to your help directories after an upgrade, since it may be replaced by a dummy custom help file during the upgrade.

Modify an Oracle Applications product help file

The Oracle Applications help files are in the HTML format and can readily be modified to add your own information.

The .HTM files that comprise the bulk of your help source files contain help text as well as markup information that is used by the browser. It is very important that you not modify the .HTM markup information when you modify help text. In fact, you should back up the help source files that Oracle delivers before you customize them in case you need to revert to the originals.

Upgrade Consequences: Oracle does not provide any mechanism for identifying changes between releases of Oracle Applications help files. With each new release of Oracle Applications, you will need to either reapply your changes to the new help files, or else continue to use your old customized help files and forgo using the most current Oracle Applications help.

Creating or Modifying a HTML Help File

If you choose to create a HTML Help file, or to modify a help file that Oracle Applications provides, you need a file editor, such as Microsoft Word or any other simple text editor. However, to modify the existing .HTM files we recommend using an HTML editor like Netscape Gold3.0.

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