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Help Targets in Oracle Applications

When you select Help in Oracle Applications, the topic for your current window opens. If you select help from a reports parameter window, your help file opens to a discussion of that report. If you change responsibilities, you access the correct help file for your new application.

Oracle Applications uses special targets in order to locate the correct help file for a window, and then the correct text within the help file. Oracle Applications looks in the docs directory for your language to find a help directory with the name of the current window's application short name. Once in the product directory, the product's registry file is scanned to determine the correct .HTM file within the directory. The URL to this file is then passed to the browser with a text anchor to enable the help file to open at the pertinent section of the file.

When calling help from a window, Oracle Applications looks for a help tag based on the form name and the window name in the syntax form_name.window_name. You can override the form_name portion of the target by specify a HELP_TARGET parameter in the parameter field of the Form Functions window. Use the syntax HELP_TARGET = "alternative_form_name". See: Form Functions.

When calling help from a report parameter window, the help target is based on SRS.<concurrent_program_shortname>. The help file searched is the one that owns the report or program.

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