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Defining Program Incompatibility Rules

This essay explains how you can define incompatibility rules for your concurrent programs and reports.

Incompatible and Run Alone Programs

When a concurrent program is incompatible with another program, the two programs cannot access or update the same data simultaneously.

When you define a concurrent program, you can list those programs you want it to be incompatible with. You can also list the program as incompatible with itself, which means that two instances of the program cannot run simultaneously.

You can also make a program incompatible with all other concurrent programs by defining the program to be run-alone.

You define a concurrent program to be run-alone or to be incompatible with specific concurrent programs by editing the concurrent program's definition using the Concurrent Programs window. See: Concurrent Programs.

Program incompatibility and run-alone program definitions are enforced using Conflict Domains.

Request Sets - Incompatibilities Allowed

When you define a request set or request set stage that allows incompatabilities, you create a concurrent program that runs the reports in your request set or stage according to the instructions you entered. Using the Concurrent Programs window, when you list programs as incompatible with a request set, those programs are prevented from starting until all the reports in the set or stage have completed running.

To define incompatibility rules for a request set and request set stage:

All concurrent programs that run request sets are titled Request Set <name of request set> while all concurrent programs that run request set stages are titled Request Set Stage <name of stage>-Request Set <name of request set>. In the Concurrent Programs form, if you query a request set or stage concurrent program on the basis of the program's name, you must enter in the Name field the words:

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