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Request Set Incompatibilities

A request set is actually a concurrent program that submits requests to run each program in the request set. You can allow incompatibility rules to govern your request set so that the request set does not run at the same time as other reports or concurrent programs. You can also apply these rules to the stages that make up the request set.

Use the Concurrent Programs form to query the request set concurrent program and list those programs, and/or stages you want to define as incompatible with your request set. See: Concurrent Programs.

All concurrent programs that run request sets are titled Request Set <name of request set>. In the Concurrent Programs form, if you query a request set concurrent program on the basis of the program's name, you must enter in the Name field the words:

"Request Set" before the name of a concurrent program

"Request Set %" to perform a query on all request set programs

When you list a program as incompatible with your request set, the program will not run simultaneously within the same conflict domain as the request set or any of the reports within the set. See: Defining Program Incompatibility Rules .

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