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Sharing Parameters in a Request Set

Parameters, also referred to as arguments, are values that define aspects of a program's execution. You can share a parameter and its entered value among some or all of the requests in your request set.

You identify a parameter as shared by giving it a label. Then, for each concurrent program in your request set, you can assign the same label to a parameter for that program. Among the programs in your request set, the parameters for each program share or accept a common value.

The first time you enter a value for any of the shared parameters, that value becomes the shared parameter's value. This is useful, because you only have to enter a value once, rather than for each program in the request set.

Behavior of Shared Parameters

Selecting a value for a shared parameter provides a default for subsequent occurrences of the parameter. Changing a shared parameter's value provides a new default for subsequent occurrences of the parameter, but does not affect prior requests in the set.

Once all the shared parameters contain values, changing the value for a shared parameter has no effect on the other shared parameters.

Attention: Do not hide shared parameters. Do not set shared parameters to Display = No (which prevents modifying the value) or Modify = No. This prevents updates to shared parameters, which are not propagated to other reports in the set, from generating unwanted inconsistencies.

t Figure 1 - 4.

Example - Shared Parameter Value

We've created a request set containing two reports, a Concurrent Programs Report and the Concurrent Program Details Report. The two reports and their parameters are listed below:

Concurrent Programs Report Application Name
Concurrent Program Detail Report Application Name

We identify the parameter Application Name as a parameter shared between the two reports. We want to enter a value only once, that is, when the Report Parameters window appears for the first report in the set, requiring us to enter Application Name.

To identify a shared parameter, we give it a name, in this example, applname, and enter it as a Shared Parameter for each report.

Figure 1 - 5.

Figure 1 - 6.

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