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System Administrator Request Set Privileges

As System Administrator, you can:

After you define a request set, you can assign a user to be its owner if you want the user to be able to run or edit this request set from any responsibility. Request sets without an owner cannot be edited or updated by any end users. In this way, you can guarantee print options and report parameters for a request set. You can also later edit the request set to remove or change its ownership properties.

Other users can also run a request set if you, as System Administrator, assign the request set to their responsibility's request security group. If you do not assign a request set to a request security group, then only the owner can run the request set. In this way, you can grant access to reports and concurrent programs on a user-by-user basis.

Request Security Groups, Request Sets, and Reports

As System Administrator you can add any request set, including private request sets, to a request security group. This allows you to provide members of a responsibility access to reports and programs outside their request security group.

Request set editing and report viewing privileges are different for reports that belong to a user's request security group than they are for reports that are not in the user's request security group.

System Administrator Benefits from Request Sets

Request sets offer three main benefits to System Administrators:

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