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Request Sets and Owners

There are significant differences between end user and System Administrator privileges when defining or editing request sets.

End users own the request sets they create

An end user can create a request set by selecting reports, other request sets, or concurrent programs that are part of the report security group assigned to his or her responsibility.

When an end user creates a request set, the user automatically becomes the "owner" of the request set. Ownership is identified by the person's application username.

End users use the Request Set form to create a new request set, or to query and update any request sets they own. End users can only edit request sets they own.

We sometimes refer to a request set that an end user owns as a private request set. Private request sets are not automatically added to a request security group. That is, other users cannot access your private request sets using the Submit Requests window unless the System Administrator assigns that request set to a request security group.

Request sets owned by an end user are always available to that user, regardless of what responsibility the user is operating under. However, a standard submission form customized to display only reports in a request group using a code does not display private request sets.

When a user signs on to Oracle Applications, the user can run requests, request sets, and concurrent programs included in:

End User Benefits from Private Request Sets

Private request sets offer two main benefits to end users:

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