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Menu Report

This report documents the structure of your charcter mode menus. Use this report when defining new menus or editing existing menus. You can also use this report as hardcopy to document your customized menu structures before upgrading your Oracle Applications software.

Attention: The Menu Report only details menus created and used with the Oracle Applications running in character mode. Use the Function Security menu reports to detail menus created with Oracle Applications 10SC.

The Menu Report prints:

Report Parameters

Main Menus Only

Select Yes or No to indicate whether the menu you want in your report is a main menu. If you choose Yes, only main menus appear as selections in the window for the Menu Name parameter.

Application Name

Choose the name of the application to which the menu you want in your report belongs.

Menu Name

Choose the name of the menu you want in your report.

Report Heading

The report heading contains the menu's application and name.

Column Headings


The prompt your menu displays for this menu entry.


The description of this menu entry.

Action Type

The type of action this menu entry invokes when selected. Valid values are:

Menu Navigate to a submenu.
Function Navigate to a function


The name of the application associated with the menu or function that your menu calls.


The name of the menu or function.

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