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Overview of Oracle Applications Security

As System Administrator, you define Oracle Applications users, and assign one or more responsibilities to each user.

Defining Application Users

You allow a new user to sign-on to Oracle Applications by defining an application user. An application user has a username and a password. You define an initial password, then the first time the application user signs on, they must enter a new (secret) password.

When you define an application user, you assign to the user one or more responsibilities. If you assign only one responsibility, the user, after signing on, immediately enters an application.

If you assign two or more responsibilities, the user, after signing on, sees a window listing available responsibilities.

Responsibilities define Application Privileges

A responsibility is a level of authority in Oracle Applications that lets users access only those Oracle Applications functions and data appropriate to their roles in an organization. Each responsibility allows access to:

Each user has at least one or more responsibilities and several users can share the same responsibility. A system administrator can assign users any of the standard responsibilities provided with Oracle Applications, or create new custom responsibilities.

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