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Defining a New Menu Structure

When defining a new menu structure:

Tasks for Defining a Custom Menu Structure

Suggestion: To simplify your work, use predefined menus for your menu entries. You can exclude individual functions after a menu structure is assigned to a responsibility.

Warning: Start with a blank Menus form (blank screen). Menus cannot be copied. A menu saved under a different name overwrites the original menu (there is no "Save As" feature).

Notes About Defining Menus

Build Menus From Scratch

Define Menus for Fast and Easy Keyboard Use

Note when Changing Menu Names or Modifying Entries

Preserving Custom Menus Across Upgrades

Preserve custom menus during upgrades of Oracle Applications by using unique names for your custom menus. For example, you can start the menu's name with the application short name of a custom application. Define a custom application named Custom General Ledger, whose application short name is CGL. Define your custom menu names to start with CGL, for example, CGL_MY_MENU.

Remember that the Oracle Applications standard menus may be overwritten with upgrade versions. Therefore, if you attached your custom menu as a submenu to one of the preseeded Oracle Applications menus, recreate the attachment to it following an upgrade. An alternative is to attach a standard Oracle Applications menu as a submenu to your custom mnu; the link from your custom menu to the standard menu should survive the upgrade.

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