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Implementing Function Security

A "full access" responsibility with a menu that includes all the functions in an application is predefined for each Oracle Applications product. Some applications may provide additional predefined responsibilities that include a smaller set of functions (i.e., fewer forms and subfunctions).

As a System Administrator, you can restrict the functionality a responsibility provides by defining rules to exclude specific functions or menus of functions. In fact, we recommend that you use exclusion rules to customize a responsibility in preference to constructing a new menu hierarchy for that responsibility.

For example, suppose you want to customize a responsibility to restrict the functionality of a form included in that responsibility. First, you examine the predefined menus that group the subfunctions associated with that form. Then, using exclusion rules, you can restrict the form's functionality by excluding certain of the form's subfunctions from the responsibility.

If you cannot create the responsibility you need by applying exclusion rules, you may build a custom menu for that responsibility using predefined forms (i.e., form functions) and their associated menus of subfunctions. However, we recommend that you do not disassociate a form from its developer-defined menus of subfunctions.

Securing Functions Using Predefined Menus

Use the Responsibilities form to:

Securing Functions Using New Menus

Use the Menus form to define menus pointing to functions that you want to make available to a new responsibility.

Assign the menu structure to a new responsibility using the Responsibilities form.

Excluding Functions from a Responsibility

A system administrator may exclude functions or menus from the menu structure assigned to a responsibility.

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